Stroke Education Toolkit

Stroke Education Toolkit for
Elementary and Middle School Students

According to the 2012 population survey, nearly 67% of children live in homes maintained by grandparents. While stroke can occur at any age, it is important to educate our youth on the signs and symptoms of stroke as well as how to prevent them.

After a young girl learned the signs of a stroke in her Physical Education class, she was able to apply that information when she noticed her aunt was showing signs of stroke. That young girl called 911 and saved her aunt’s life.

As a result, of the remarkable young woman and the teacher who taught her that valuable lesson, Dr. Alexander Grunsfeld, co-medical director of the Sentara Stroke Program came up with the idea to teach children about the signs and symptoms of a stroke.


The train the trainer toolkit is a video and PowerPoint based education tool for teachers, after school providers, church groups or anyone who is interested in learning how to educate students about the nervous system and stroke. A key component of the stroke education toolkit is the implementation of skits by the instructor to the students.

Children learn through play and these skits are a powerful tool to interact with the students while teaching and reinforcing the knowledge they have just learned.


Download here for future access without internet. Note that download can take up to 10 minutes due to large file size.

1. Video

Train the Trainer

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SentaraStroke Handout2

2. Handouts

For Students

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SentaraStroke PPT

3. PowerPoint

For Students

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Sentara received a grant from the American Heart Association to create the Stroke Education Toolkit for Elementary and Middle School Students. Through that partnership and a partnership with Virginia Beach City Public Schools, the stroke education lesson will be delivered to all Elementary Schools, in the third grade PE class during the 2018-19 school year.

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