Find a Stroke Center

If you or a loved one suffers a stroke, immediate care is crucial. But there are actually different levels of care available for stroke patients depending on the facility and its capabilities.

At Sentara, our Stroke Centers are certified by DNV GL Healthcare. This means that Sentara demonstrated exceptional efforts to foster better outcomes for stroke care.

Comprehensive Stroke Center

Comprehensive Stroke Centers represent the most advance stroke treatment available in a given geographic area.

  • Expert care for acute and complex cases
  • Advanced imaging technology
  • Specialized neurovascular team available 24/7/365
  • Designated ICU
  • Dedicated stroke treatment and intervention suite

Primary Plus Stroke Center (Thrombectomy Capable)

Primary Plus Stroke Centers have additional capabilities that include thrombectomy care, an interventional procedure to remove a blood clot.

Primary Stroke Center

A Primary Stroke Center is a facility that has been certified to provide highly specialized care to stroke patients via a dedicated team that’s activated immediately to diagnose and treat patients the second they arrive in the ER. To be classified this way, a hospital needs to meet certain qualifications, such as:

  • Access to brain surgeons and neurological services
  • 24-hour access to MRI or CT scan capabilities
  • Additional, specialized stroke training for emergency personnel
  • An acute stroke team must be available around the clock

Acute Stroke Ready

This certification allows smaller and rural hospitals to demonstrate excellence by complying with standards of care for the initial treatment of stroke patients when rapid action and proper medications can save lives and limit the long-term disabling effects of strokes.